Frozen to the core




As she reached the ice block, Yuuka pulled back a fist, and began to rain punches on the ice, one after another. There were no words in the roar she gave, trying to shatter the ice block along with Cirno.

*The Ice begins to crack more and more under your barrage of punches. Cirno’s eyes glowed brighter and brighter, the ice around her turning the same dark blue as her eyes. The ice around her cracks and she shoots up into the air, just as you break thru the Ice. She hovers in the air above, encased in her Ice golem.*

Yuuka stared up at the golem for a second, before her wings slid out of her back, and she shot into the air, aiming a fierce series of punches at the golem’s body, laughing all the while.

*The Ice begins to crack under your punches, however the cracks begin to repair themselfs, You also feel your hands go numb from punching the ice of the golem. The Ice gole raises its gun arm at your torse and fires at you, point blank.*